Monday, December 10, 2012

Staying Fresh against Fatigue - Eu Yan Sang Wild American Ginseng Tea

I'm always in lack of sleep as I sleep an average of 5 hours or less a day. Some friends find it unbelievable and wonder what keeps me alert and look refreshed the whole day through out. 

Other than coffee, Eu Yan Sang Wild American Ginseng Tea is my next best friend.  It first started out 5-6 years ago when we bought for dad as he sleeps for average 5-6 hours a day and as a carpenter, he is doing very strenuous job despite of his old age.  He is starting to show signs of fatigue.
The American Ginseng has adaptogenic properties, which help to increase the body's resistance to stress. It helps to nourish the Yin essence, clear excess heat in the body and increase vitality. It is also ideal for smokers and people who lead hectic lifestyles and suffer from insufficient rest, and those who stay up at night; which my dad happened to fall into all categories!

As Dad is stationed at the factory site or off-site for 10-12hrs a day, we feel that an instant Ginseng tea pack may be the best option for him to replenish himself.

I used to have the impression that instant packs may not be able to contain the full essence and was a bit hesitant to buy initially, especially after looking at its price.  However, after having tried the Eu Yan San Wild American Ginseng Tea, I feel that I can dispense off my earlier perception.  It taste no much difference from actual brewed Wild American Ginseng tea!

Frankly speaking, Eu Yan San Wild American Ginseng Tea wasn't really cheap and I did tried to look for cheaper alternative, but sad to say, I couldn't find any other brands that is of comparable quality, that seems to be original with the taste.  It is no doubt, it's value is worth every cents paid.

Ever since then, I've been purchasing Eu Yan San Wild American Ginseng Tea for my family members, occasionally, when anyone of us feel lethargic, we will just drop a bag into a cup of hot water and gets ourselves perked up!

Photo Credit: Eu Yan San

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial post, above recommendation is solely based on my personal consumption experience.

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