Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Premiere Screening of Old Romances 《老情人》& Old Places 《老地方》

Once here, now gone. Remembering old sights, sounds and stories; the premiere of Old Romances, the sequel to the documentary Old Places (directed by Royston Tan,  Eva Tang & Victric Thng), will be screening at the National Museum of Singapore.
Screening of Old Romances 《老情人》
Date/ Time: 15 Dec 2012 (2.30pm) / 16 Dec 2012 (4.30pm)
Admission: S$11, including handling fees
Duration: 67 minutes
Venue: Gallery Theatre, Basement, National Museum of Singapore

Screening of Old Places 《老地方》
Date/Time: 16 Dec 2012 (2.30pm)
Admission: S$11, including handling fees
Duration: 77 minutes
Venue: Gallery Theatre, Basement, National Museum of Singapore

Contact: 6332 3659 / 6332 5642
Ticketing Outlets: TICKETBOOTH outlets or visit

Synopsis of Old Romances 《老情人》

There is romance in every corner we turn. In this sequel to the documentary, Old Places, Old Romances takes us on a journey to experience Singapore through the collective voices of ordinary Singaporeans.

Through their voices, we hear personal stories from members of the public who shared their anecdotes on radio. Everyday spaces come alive with these special memories, which are bonded forever with these places.

Old Romances is a journal of love letters to places that we grew up with.

Featuring: Carnival Beauty Salon at East Coast Road; Sembawang Hill Estate Taxi Service; Pearl Bank Apartments at Chinatown; Kovan Coffeeshop at Simon Road; Thye Moh Chan Cake House at Geylang Road; and many more.

Synopsis of Old Places 《老地方》

Old Places shows us the oft-forgotten yet almost immediately familiar areas in Singapore through the eyes of ordinary people. Prior to the production, members of the public were invited to call in to the radio to recount their significant memories of places in Singapore – places that will soon disappear or be redeveloped.

These personal stories come alive through the callers’ narration and the stunning visuals that capture the nostalgia and hidden beauty of the places. Re-discover Singapore and journey to places like a playground in Toa Payoh, a barbershop at Commonwealth Avenue, Capitol cinema, and an unassuming bakery in Whampoa.

Old Places celebrates personal stories of joy, love or loss, and weaves them into a tapestry of memories amounting to a collective and yet typical story of life in Singapore.

The Old Romances DVDs will be on sale at a special price of SGD 20.00 after both screenings with part of the proceeds going to the Action for Aids charity. There will be autograph sessions too. If you missed the screening, you can still get the DVDs at SGD 23.00 at Objectifs from 17 Dec 2012.

Latest update as of 15 December 2012, 1pm:
Tickets to both days screening of Old Romances 《老情人》 are sold out.  Only limited tickets to Old Places 《老地方》 available.

Photo credits: Royston Tan, Objectifs

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