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Afterthoughts of screening of Old Places 《老地方》and Old Romances 《老情人》

Attended the premiere screening of "Old Places" and "Old Romances" at National Museum of Singapore on 14 Dec.  Glad that I bought the tickets early as just the response was over-whelming and many people seeking for additional screening, which eventually there are another 2 screenings at The Art House on 23 Dec.

Upon stepping into the theatre, we are greeted by the kiddy ride, and other collections of Royston Tan, loved  his collections. 

Frankly speaking, I didn't become a big fan of Royston until I "knew" him through Instagram. His pictures are usually of simple composition, nothing too complicated.  Mostly are shots of chairs, beautiful window/ door grills, vintage finds, places with retro settings, with moments of people. Simple pictures, yet tell so much! After sharing with a couple of friends, they become followers of Royston - @filmr, be it they are on Instagram or not.  We simply love the old places/ old findings that he shared with us via Instagram.
(Photo Credit: Roystan Tan)

I shared similar sentiments as Royston towards old places that are slowly disappearing in sights in Singapore.  Being one of the fastest developing countries, Singapore has changed much over the years.  In fact, she has progress so fast that every second, you can see changes around. Nope, I'm not being exaggerated, you just need to keep your eyes open and be more attentive to your surroundings, especially recently there have been many upgrading going on in Singapore. 

Loved the documentaries of " Old Places and Old Romances by Royston Tan, Eva Tang and Victric Thng.  The 2 documentaries are presented in a very light manner, not like those typical documentaries that sometimes may bored one to tears.  They brought out the sentiments, love and stories behind these old places.

Simple as they may seem, these are fruit of hard work of the team members, with several instances of emergency calls, the "emergency department" rushed down to venue that was announced about to close down.  Examples include Thye Moh Chan Cake House in Geylang Road, the Crocodile Farm in Upper Serangoon Road and New Chay Hong Beauty Parlour in West Coast Road.

In fact, a good 40 per cent of what was featured in "Old Places" 《老地方》 and "Old Romances" 《老情人》, no longer exist now.  So these documentaries served as a valueable means of preserving the last bit of memories for such places which are no longer in sight.  If these documentaries means so much for me, a non Singaporean, who grew up in Singapore, I believe it means much more to the true blue Singaporeans and touch the hearts of many others.

If you loved "Old Places" 《老地方》 / "Old Romances" 《老情人》, and looking forward to the sequel, do your part to write in to National Heritage Board to seek funding for Royston and team to make it possible.

On a side note, a series of 3 limited edition Old Romances Tees are launched together with the Premiere Screening of Old Romances.  There are 50pcs only for each design, available at By1985.  Each T-shirts actually comes with director notes.  Hurry if you like to get one of these T-shirts, limited qty and sizes left.

(Photo Credit:  By1985)

If you shared similar sentiments towards old places, join this Facebook Group, Old Places 老地方

If you like to follow Royston on his instagram, his instagram id is @filmr; even if you are not on instagram, you can still check out his instagram pictures at

If you like to follow Royston on more of his movements and upcoming works, etc, you can go and like his Facebook page - Royston Tan 陈子谦

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