Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Food Tasting at The Manhattan Fish Market in commemoration of 10th Year Anniversary

To commemorate their 10th Year anniversary, The Manhattan Fish Market has launched a brand new menu, comprising 25 new dishes, set to tempt the seafood lovers on their new offerings!

In conjunction to this celebration, The Manhattan Fish Market has also conducted a food tasting session in their United Square outlet on 22nd Nov, and I’m glad to be one of the invited guests.  Special thanks to Dean and The Manhattan Fish Market for the invitation.

Dean happened to be a November baby and we were all treated a glass from the special Manhattan Birthday Tower of a special drink concoction, decked up with sparkles.  Cool isn’t it?

In fact all birthday celebrants receive a complimentary Birthday Tower, with a min. spend of $50 for 6pax and above, however, advance reservation is needed.  In addition, all birthday boys and girls get a 10% off their total bill!

Checked out our menu of the day!
I go for the Citrus Mint for my choice of beverage, a delightful concoction of crushed ice in refreshing lemon juice flavoured with mint.  It doesn’t look very fantastic to some, but it is very refreshing!  And it is the hottest pick among all the guests!

I almost can’t make up my mind to have which soup, the Salmon Chowder looks interesting but I’m a die-hard fan for mushroom soup, eventually I decided to stick with my all time favourite. 
The Mushroom Soup is thick enough but sort of disappointing as I beg for bigger chunks of mushroom and also for the aroma of the mushrooms.

Upon seeing the Salmon Chowder which majority have ordered, I sort of wished that I ordered the same.  Look at the Salmon chunks!!! (Photo by courtesy of Zerika) Accordingly to the rest, it tasted like pumpkin soup with Salmon chunks!  I quite like pumpkin soup, so I may give this a try in my next visit!

Look at the waitresses, they are so cute with the moustache"!!!

Here comes the rest of the starters...

Chipotle Fish Skewers **Must Try!
The fish skewers are served in a rich coat of smoky Chipotle sauce, they are well grilled, with the juiciness of the fish retained, love this!

Stewed Tomato Mussels **Money for Value!
The mussels are served in a rich tomato herb sauce with baguette for dipping.  I’m not a big fan of mussels, however, the mussels are fresh, the tomato herb sauce is simply superb and I love the cripsy baguette which has a very nice aroma.

Then come the main course…

Scallop Americana
All 3 of us, Jeremy, Zerika and I ordered this.  The sweet and juicy scallops sautéed with capsicums with a hint of black pepper.  Love the fresh juicy scallops but I personally find this dish a bit too bland for my taste bud. 

Creamy Salmon Penne 
This is what Mag ordered for her main course, the 3 of us at the same table prefer this over the Scallop Americana.  The creamy sauce and salmon chunks makes this simply satisfying!  Some may find it a bit too dry though… 
The chief who came up with the new menu, the moustache suits him isn't it?
Spicy Baked Fish and Mediterranean Baked Fish **Highly Recommended!
Both taste equally great!  Loved the Mediterranean Baked Fish for the great marination with various herbs. 
The Spicy Baked Fish is set to jumpstart your senses with extra spicy marination; but for someone like me who does not have very high trashhold for spicy food, it is still manageable.  We somehow feel that it taste pretty much like assam fish, very appetizing. 

Poached Cheesy Dory  **Can Try.

Saw the cheese oozing from poached Dory fillet? This is pretty much like the fish version of Chicken Cordon Bleu, interesting and yummy!  But I may be a bit too dry for my own preference.

Grilled Cod Fish **Must Try! 
The lightly seasoned Cod fillet was served on a mixture of smoky sweet potatoes, potatoes and sautéed vegetables.  Love this! The Garlic Herbal sauce complements the Cod fillet without covering its original flavor.  I love the great combination of the diced sweet potatoes and potatoes!

We are way too full and decided to skip the Sexy Hot Whole Fish but still go for the Flaming King Prawn Platter.

Flaming King Prawn **Value of Money!

Wow, looks at the "flaming stunt" by the waitress!  The King Prawns were flamed to give a caramelized flavour.  The fish and chips are not too bad and the mussels are fresh.  However, the calamari and garlic herb rice is a bit too bland for my personal preference.  While it may not be the best platter I eaten before, such a platter of great variety, just for $23.95 is certainly worth spending!  I need to stress the King Prawns taste real great with the sauce that adds some savory taste to the natural sweetness!

Time for Dessert!

Citrus, Fruit or Cookie Sundae
Which one will you choose?  Basically all Sundae taste more or less the same except for the flavouring.  The Citrus Sundae gives a refreshing twist with the Citrus Mint; while the tropical sundae of mandarin orange, jack fruit and mango added on to the fruity taste. 
I personally recommend the Cookie Sundae, which is a Must Try for Oreo cookie lovers! Sweet serendipity brought upon by crushed Oreo cookies in the creamy ice-cream.

Last but not least, comes the Brownie!

Sizzling Brownie with Ic-Cream **Must Try!
This is MUST try for dessert lovers!  The warm brownie in sizzling caramel sauce topped with vanilla ice-cream with nuts, is such a heavenly combination!

To date, The Manhattan Fish Market has total 14 outlets islandwide (including Marina Square outlet that will reopen in 2013).  You can easily visit any outlet to your convenience.

To keep updated with their latest promotion, you can check out the Facebook page of The Manhattan Fish Market!

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