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12th Global Chinese Music Awards 2012 《第12届全球华语歌曲排行榜》颁奖典 礼

Remember in my earlier post that I shared about the Contest by F&N Fruit Tree Fresh to win tickets to 12th Global Chinese Music Awards 2012 (GCMA 2012) held on 2nd Nov 2012?

I got lucky and won a pair of tickets worth $68 each.  Of course, priority will be given to my sister to go with me.  And since she is available, we attended the GCMA 2012 together.

I was so excited to be able to see the many celebrities of which, most of them are whom I've loved their songs much!  The attendee list includes below:
罗志祥 Show Luo, 杨丞琳 Rainie Yang, 杨宗纬 Aska Yang, 大嘴巴 Da Mouth, 陈芳语 Kimberley, 丁当 Ding Dang, 郁可唯 Yu Ke Wei, 曹轩宾 Cao Xuan Bin, 曲婉婷 Qu Wan Ting, 东山少爷 Dong Shan Shao Ye, MR., 蔡健雅 Tanya Chua, 陈洁仪 Kit Chan, 阿杜 A-Do, Olivia Ong, 林俊杰 JJ Lin and  伍家辉 Wu Jia Hui.

The seats are really too far from stage so most time we are looking at the 2 big display screens on the wall, which tends to be of slightly blurred view.  Anyway, it is still great to be able to attend to have of feel of the live ceremony and get first hand news on the winners list.  Moreover due to the language restriction, some of the peformance will not be tele-broadcast.

Some highlights of the Music Awards Ceremony are:

JJ Lim's parents suddenly become the limelight of the night, it all started with Show Luo, thanking them.  Thereafter, several singers also start thanking JJ's parents, thanking them to give birth to JJ who composed & written so many great songs.  It is just so amusing.

Joey Yung's bright pink gown also becomes centre of attraction.  She turns up in a "ball" of pink and when seated down, Aska & JJ are almost blocked by her gown.  But when on stage performing, there are little light bulbs litted which is a very pretty sight, she looks a rose in blossom.

Without further delay, the winner list as below:

    * 《Valentine’s Day》/ 阿杜 (Ado)
    * 《海枯石烂》/Olivia
    * 《学不会》/ 林俊杰 (JJ Lin)
    * 《别找我麻烦》/ 蔡健雅 (Tanya Chua)
    * 《我们怎么Love》/ 伍家辉 (Jiahui Wu)
    * 《花千树》/ 容祖儿 (Joey Yung)
    * 《孤独患者》/ 陈奕迅 (Eason Chan)
    * 《3650》/ Twins
    * 《那个男人》/ 杨宗纬 (Aska Yang)
    * 《我们都傻》/ 杨丞琳 (Rainie Yang)
    * 《My Love》/ 田馥甄 (Hebe)
    * 《诺亚方舟》/ 五月天 (Mayday)
    * 《有我在》/ 罗志祥 (Show Lo)
    * 《Maybe的机率》/ 大嘴巴 (Da mouth)
    * 《我的歌声里》/ 曲婉婷 (Qu Wanting)
    * 《那些年》/ 胡夏 (Hu Xia)
    * 《好不容易》/ 张靓颖 (Jane Zhang)
    * 《只是太爱你》/ 张敬轩 (Hins Cheung)
    * 《好难得》/ 丁当 (Della)
    * 《好朋友只是朋友》/ 郁可唯 (Yisa)
2. 最受欢迎对唱金曲奖:《你被写在我的歌里》苏打绿、陈嘉桦 (Sodagreen, Ella)
3. 最受欢迎男歌手奖:罗志祥 (Show Lo)
4. 最受欢迎男歌手(五强)奖:
    * 罗志祥 (Show Lo)
    * 杨宗纬 (Aska Yang)
    * 林俊杰 (JJ Lin)
    * 陈奕迅 (Eason Chan)
    * 胡夏 (Hu Xia)
5. 最受欢迎女歌手奖:容祖儿 (Joey Yung)
6. 最受欢迎女歌手(五强)奖:
    * 容祖儿 (Joey Yung)
    * 张靓颖 (Jane Zhang)
    * 田馥甄 (Hebe)
    * 李宇春 (Chris Lee)
    * 杨丞琳 (Rainie Yang)
7. 最佳男歌手奖 :陈奕迅 (Eason Chan)
8. 最佳女歌手奖:蔡健雅 (Tanya Chua)
9. 最受欢迎乐团奖:
    * 五月天 (Mayday)
    * MR.
    * 苏打绿 (Sodagreen)
10. 最受欢迎组合奖:
    * Twins
    * 大嘴巴 (Da mouth)
    * Super Junior-M
11. 最具潜力新人奖:
    * 曲婉婷 (Qu Wanting)
    * 曹轩宾 (Shane)
    * 陈芳语 (Kimberley Chen)
12. 最受欢迎创作歌手奖:
    * 蔡健雅 (Tanya Chua)
    * 曹轩宾 (Shane)
    * 戴佩妮 (Penny Tai)
13. 最佳制作人奖:《第二人生》/ 五月天 (Mayday)
14. 最佳作词奖:《那些年》/ 九把刀 (Giddens)
15. 最佳作曲奖:《说到爱》/ 蔡健雅 (Tanya Chua)
16. 最佳编曲奖:《皮影戏》/ 林迈可 (Michael Lin)
    * 阿杜 (Ado)
    * 丁当 (Della)
18. 全能艺人奖:
    * 杨丞琳 (Rainie Yang)
    * 林俊杰 (JJ Lin)
19. 传媒推荐大奖:Twins
20. 最佳舞台演绎歌手奖:
    * 罗志祥 (Show Lo)
    * 容祖儿 (Joey Yung)
21. 最佳专辑奖:
    * 《?》 / 陈奕迅 (Eason Chan)
    * 《学不会》 / 林俊杰 (JJ Lin)
22. 流行乐坛卓越歌手奖:陈洁仪 (Kit Chan)
23. 地区杰出歌手奖(北京):曲婉婷 (Qu Wanting)
24. 地区杰出歌手奖(广东):东山少爷 (Dongshan Shaoye)
25. 地区杰出歌手奖(香港):薛凯琪 (Fiona Sit)
26. 地区杰出歌手奖(上海):胡彦斌 (Anson Hu)
27. 地区杰出歌手奖(台北):杨宗纬 (Aska Yang)
28. 地区杰出歌手奖(马来西亚):伍家辉 (Jiahui Wu)
29. 地区杰出歌手奖(新加坡):Olivia

Oh yes, for those who missed both the tele-broadcast on Channel U, you may go to XINMSN Catch-Up TV to watch it.

After the GCMA 2012, 东山少爷 (Dongshan Shaoye), 曹轩宾 (Shane) & Mr. are on my list to search on YouTube for more of their songs.

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