Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Children's Day!

Happy Children's Day!

Frankly speaking, I did not realise that today is Children's Day until I saw this advertisement on 7-Eleven's Facebook Page

During my era, Children's Day has always been 1st Oct, like Teachers' Day has always been 1st Sep. So when these special days have changed to first Fri of Oct and 1st Fri of Sep respectively, it simply slip off my mind and I can't remember these dates exactly...  Oops, did I accidentally reveal which generation am I in?  Hahahaa... is ok....

Well said, Who says Children's Day is just for kids? For in every adult, there dwells the child that was.  Tomorrow at 7-Eleven, everyone gets a Large Slurpee for just $1! Whoo-hoo!  Have fun and slurp all the way.... ;)

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