Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halo.... I'm back!

So sorry, I know I've not been very active posting recently though I have been busy engaged in various activities.

Well, I'm been very busy at work esp with the delivery issues and pricing issues that need to be dealt with.  I've been having conference call with customers and our USA counterpart quite often for the past few weeks, and in fact expecting more in the coming week, urghhh!!!!  I think you can call me Con-Call Queen for now.  Of course, deep down in my heart, I have no wish for the existence of such nick.  Well well, while problems spell trouble, it may meant opportunities too, so I just need to try my best to keep myself positive...

STAY POSITIVE!!! -- this is an important and constant reminder to self.

So what have I not been posting that I wanted to share with all?  Will be working on posting these backlog on the next few days....  so come back and check it out soon.

1. My First F1 Grand Prix 2012 Experience with Jay Chou's concert
2. Singapore Turf Club 170th Anniversary Celebration
3. Marie Digby "Your Love" Asia Tour Concert
4. 蘇打綠 Sodagreen "Walk Together" Concert

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