Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Almond Biscotti Beverages in CBTL!

Have you tried the Almond Biscotti Beverages that is available @ Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf (CBTL) since September?  I peronally fancy Almond, so of course, I'll not give it a miss...
I tried the Almond Biscotti Latte.  There was a nice aroma of almond lurking in the taste, however, I find, not so much from the almond biscotti, but rather from almond syrup. I wasn't expecting the latte to be so sweet.  Sounds ironical for someone like me, who love eating desserts, and cakes as such?  Frankly speaking, I really do not fancy overly-sweet stuff.  So, those who does not have a sweet tooth, you will need to request for "less sweet"... 
But still I would recommend you to have a try since this should be available for limited period only and as each individual's taste bud differs, you may like it much more than expected. 
Disclaimer: Pictures extracted from Coffee Beans Tea & Leaf official website only and copyright remains under them only.

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