Sunday, October 7, 2012

7-Eleven, the convenience store around the clock

I'm really glad and happy when 7-Eleven opened a new branch in the neighbourhood, especially when it is just around the corner.
At any moment, when I feel like getting a quick bite, and quenching my thirst, I just need to pop by the nearest 7-Eleven to get the necessary.  There's no need to worry about shops are closed at the Wee hours. 
Sometimes, duringn late night, my dad's craving just come and all I need to do, is slip onto my pair of slippers and off I go to the 7-Eleven just few blocks away to get him some nuts. 
There is everything for all ages, from sweets & snacks to Quick & Easy meals; from soft drinks, juices to alocoholic drinks; from Entertainment Magazines to Informative Magazines, and even basic necessities, you can get it from 7-Eleven.  All can be get at my convenience around the clock.
My favourite from 7-Eleven, other than their peanut butter waffle, is definitely the Slurpee!  The freezy coldness is simply shiok, especially during terribly hot days!


Note that any $3 purchase made from now till 9th Oct still entitle you to participate in the Leading Brands Contest and win travel Vouchers!  Grab your last chance before the contest end!  And from 3rd Oct to 31 Oct 2012, all you need is to spend $3 and you will also stand a chance to win a Trip of 4 to Chengdu.

I need to buy more and have a higher chance to win, and so I went to 7-Eleven again.

7-Eleven, together with Nuffnang is now having a joint contest for blogger, and we need to share here we like to pick the country to fly to if we were to win the Leading Brands contest, woohoo!  If given the chance, I hope to fly to London, it is a country we are so "close" because of the history connection and yet so "far" because of the geographical location.  Wish me luck.

Check out the Leading Brands Contest and The Big Gulp Mixology Contest that will be ending by 9th Oct, as well as free Panda Hugs around the island,  do check out their Facebook Page for details.  Good luck and enjoy the activities lined up for you by 7-Eleven!


Oh yes, if there's anything that I'm looking forward from 7-Eleven, that will be their house brand potato chips.  Understand from my Taiwan colleague, there are many unique flavours, and one of such is the sour plum potatoe chips that is unique, with a mixture of sourness and sweetness, yummy!  She brought a pack for me to try the last time we met and I fall in love in it ever since.... 
Dear 7-Eleven person-in-charge, if you are reading my blog, pls consider bringing it in!
Disclaimer: The 4 photos/pictures of the contest details, as well as the Pandan/Big Gulp are extracted from 7-Eleven Facebook page only, and remains the copyright under 7-Eleven.

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