Monday, September 17, 2012

Registration starts for Singapore Canon PhotoMarathon 2012

Remember I shared about the details of the upcoming Singapore Canon PhotoMarathon in my earlier blog post?  Now Registration is open.  Quick, go sign up now!  Online registration is $10 only while walk-in on event day will be $15, and subject to availability.

Click this link to register!  If you are going to participate in the Canon PhotoMarathon and you are able to spot me from the thousands of participants, do come forward and say "Hi!"

Good Luck!

P/S: Just a note, I think there are still many people who are confused oabout the Canon PhotoMarathon.  Most has misunderstand that you must OWN a Canon Camera to participate but this is not true, unlike the N brand, Canon does not restrict to only participants that own their camera.  And it is not necessary to own a DSLR either.  There were previous years where the champion are holding on to compact camera only.

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