Monday, September 17, 2012

My Love for Music!

Is anyone still listening to Music CDs these days? Or are you listening to Music MP3 only?  I insist on listening to original for good music/songs.  Just bought a nos. of music albums from Popular CD Rama yesterday.  Due to busy schedule, I no longer shop for music album on monthly basis which I used to do so.  Now I buy in batches, sometimes will pick up some old albums that I might have missed out previously...  This round I have bought 6 albums at one go, including, Wanting's, Jane Huang's, Kelly's, Robynn & Kendy's music albums, Kavin Hoo's instrumental album and Korean drama - Secret Garden's Original Sound Track (OST). 

這年頭還有人聆聽 CDs 嗎?還是,你現在就只聆聽 MP3 音樂? 我堅持,好的音樂,應支持正版!昨天到大眾書局的 CD Rama 買了一疊的專輯。基於工作繁忙的關係,我不在像從前每月定期購買CDs。而是間隔大批掃貨,購買好聽的專輯,甚至是捕買一些之前錯過的好專輯。這回一口氣買了六張專輯, 有曲婉婷的《我的歌聲裡》,黃美珍的《途中》,Kelly 範蓁蓁的《爵士空間Jazz Divas》,Robynn & Kendy 《Robynn & Kendy + Dream Together DVD》版本 ,Kavin Hoo的音樂專輯《A Moment In Time》及韓劇秘密花園的《劇秘密花園電視劇原聲大碟》。

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