Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Dog Dou Dou Press Conference 《我的狗蚪蚪》记者招待会

I'm very honoured to be invited to the press conference of Singapore Local Film, My Dog Dou Dou 《我的狗蚪蚪》on 18 September 2012, special thanks to Homerun Asia.

The Press Conference was hosted by Lin Ling Zhi 林灵芝 of Radio 1003, and started off with Daniel Yun 云晖翔, Founder and CEO of Homerun Asia, with the film director, Ng Say Yong 黄世勇, to give a brief introduction and come about of the movie.

Upon arrival, the casts are each being introduced with some background information about them and asked to shared about their experience in participation of the filming.
During the press conference, the director, Ng shared that most difficult type of movie to film will be those involved with dogs and kids, however, he did not have much trouble with both 9 year old Ivan Lo 卢楷浚, and  6 year old labrador retriever, Flapper.  But he did confessed that it might be easier to handle the labrador retriever at times as the dog can be easily coaxed with dog treats while the kid may have his temperaments when totally strained out.
Though Ng revealed that he is not particularly in love with dogs, he can be spotted stroking Flapper several times throughout the press conference.  Seems like the intelligent and cute Flapper has managed to won over Ng's heart.

When asked about his experience co-acting with the reowned Taiwanese Actor, Jason Wong Shixian 王識賢, little Ivan answered that he felt very honored to act together with Jason Wong, as he was a really nice guy and a very professional actor.  The host then teased if Ivan's answer was taught by his mother, he denied and ends it off with his kiddish innocent smile.
On the other side, Jason shared that he is very honoured to co-act with Ivan, whose popularity is comparative to Taiwanese child-actor, Xiao Xiao Bin 小小彬.
There were 3 Malaysian actors /actress that participate in the movie, namely, Cathryn Lee 李元玲, Alvin Wong 王竣 and Tommy 关栋珉.  They shared about their filming experience in both Malaysia and Singapore.
The highlight of the press conference was when Flapper performed his stunts picking up 4-D numbers, as well as showing his flair in acting by displaying his innocent look.
Before the press conference is split into small group interview by the various groups of Media, the casts and the film director came together for some group photo shots.
To check out more pictures of the press conference, pls check out my FaceBook Photo Album.

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