Monday, September 24, 2012

My Dog Dou Dou Gala Premiere《我的狗蚪蚪》首映会

Thanks to Homerun Asia, I get to attend the Gala Premiere of My Dog Dou Dou 《我的狗蚪蚪》which was held in Vivo City Golden Village on 18 September.  The Gala Premiere Reception cocktail started at 6:30pm and soon the Cinema is packed with audience around the stage area.  Everyone is busy shooting with their cameras, mobile phones or even iPads and Galaxy Tabs upon the arrival of the casts.

As usual, the 2 comedian Veteran, Henry Thia 程旭辉 and Liu Ling Ling 刘玲玲, brought laughter and fun to the audience by joking and teasing around.  Even the 3 actors /actress from Malaysia - Cathryn Lee 李元玲, Tommy Kuan 关栋珉 and Alvin Wong 王竣 can't help but laugh aloud!

Then came the main cast Jason Wong 王識賢, Ivan Lo 卢楷浚 and Flapper, the Labrador-retriever, together with the movie Director Ng Say Yong 黄世勇.
Having failed to convince the renowned Taiwanese actor, Jason Wong Shixian to sing for all during the press conference.  The host, Lingzhi, does not simply gives up, she tried persuading again and will the help of the audience, Jason finally agrees to sing one of the OST for all.
Coincidentally Ivan's and Flapper's birthday falls on 25 September, so they took chance to make an early birthday celebration for Ivan.  Upon seeing the cake, Flapper started to get excited and was wondering why the cake was for Ivan only but not for him.
When asked to make 3 wishes, eventually Ivan wished for the same for the first 2, that My Dog Dou Dou's box office hit no.1.  Upon asked for the 3rd wish, Ivan started to burst into laughter, reason being, Henry, "his advisor", is advising him to make the same 3rd wish.
After the celebration, all the cast went up on stage for group photos before all proceed to the movie theaters.
Inside the main theater, Homerun Asia's CEO, Daniel Yun 云晖翔 and the casts made their appearance and share with the audience about the movie.

More Photos to be found in my Facebook photo album.

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