Monday, September 10, 2012

Home Cooked Pork Chop

If you know me well enough, I hardly cook.  If given the choice, I prefer to bake then cook though my baking skills is just as limited.
However, once in a blue moon, I do cook.  Cook in the sense not about instant noodle, but whip up proper dish - some vegetables, eggs or meat, with simple wolf berries soup.  But these are usually during days when mom is back to Malaysia where I can have the kitchen all to myself, without her nagging how slow I am, in cutting up the vegetables, etc... lol...
Recently, mom is complaining that she don't get to eat a meal whipped up by me, so I took up the challenge and decided to whip up a western food meal.  Due to my busy schedule, she helped to do the shopping and marinate the pork chop in advance.
The pork chop is grilled to golden brown with slices of ginger (This is inspired by a pork chop which I eaten in a Macau cafe previously, that left a deep impression in me).  I prepared my own sauce out of black soya sauce, soya sauce, garlic, etc (actually with some help from mom).  Boiled the black pepper saugage and broccoli, air-fried the sliced potatoes with the newly bought Philips Air Fryer so that I can eat the fries with less guilt.Sliced up the tomato and heat up the bake beans.  Minimal oil has been used during the process of cooking.

Loved the air fryer which makes frying a simpler chore without fear of being splashed by hot oil during the frying process.  Best of all, no oil used for the frying, feels much healthier with eating these air-fired food!
Anyway, back on track, finally get everything in order and started with my garnishing.  Viola, here's my final presentation.
How do you think of my home cooked Pork Chop?  I'm pretty happy & satisfied with it, not professionally decorated though, but at least it seems to be a rather balance diet with a good mix of meat and vegetables.  Don't you think so? ;P

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