Friday, September 21, 2012

Here I Come, F1!!!

Woohoo, I'm getting more & more excited as the clock goes tick tock tick tock...

This will be my first time to the F1 event and I'm totally lost. But luckily I've got my buddy who frequent to F1 event for the past few years and will share more info with me.

I'm now on the bus and I getting more and more excited when I getting nearer and nearer to CityHall. Simply feel like shouting here I come, F1!!! Or rather, here I come, Jay Chou! Muahaha...

I come to this year's F1 event is for no other reason except for Jay! But it will be a great experience for me and I do hope I manage to get some decent shots. Will be sharing with you guys my first F1 experience!

Remember to check back!

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