Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Camera Launches!

Wow, recently there are several announcement of cameras that seems cool! 

First came the announcement of Canon's first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera -- The Canon EOS M!  I looking forward for a chance to hands on and compare the difference with my sister's Panasonic Lumix GF2.  When I last tweet about this launch, my buddy mistaken that I get a chance to do first hand testing and review.  How I wished so, Canon did you hear me??? lol...
Based around the same 18MP APS-C sensor as the EOS 650D/T4i, the EOS M is the first model to use a new, smaller 'EF-M' lens mount.  the EOS M is predominantly aimed at the point-and-shoot upgrader market looking for DSLR quality and makes greater use of a 650D-style touch-screen interface.
Review on Canon EOS M available in DP Review!
(Disclaimer: Picture is extracted from Canon Europe Website only only)

Then, came the announcement of Panasonic compact camera  Lumix DMC-LX7.  Am surprise the camera is actually with an aperture range of F1.4-2.3, which is a great news to all since it allows better picture quality under low light setting!    The lens also employs Panasonic's Nano Surface Coating to reduce flare and ghosting.

Now that I own a DSLR, I actually wanted a compact camera or rather a prosume camera.  I'm torn between the Panasonic Lumix and Canon Powershot series...  am still hesistating.  Saw the remarkable picture quality from a friend who get to do a first hand review of the camera, a 100% crop still leaves the picture sharp and crisp even though it's at 10 mega pixels only!  Unbelievable!

Beside this, it actually allows one to take picture in RAW format and has a white balance bracket which will allow one to adjust the white balance to a more accurate setting.   Another cool point is it actually allows 3D photo mode.  Really hope that I get to test on 1 of this!

Review on Panasonic DMC-LX7 available in DP Review!
(Disclaimer: Picture is extracted from Panasonic USA Website only)

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