Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Got featured on IGSG

Recently I'm crazed over Instagram and have been "instgramming" almost every day.  The reason why I'm so crazy over it is, I get to snap photos on my mobile phone, share it, and reach out to people who have similar preferences by hash-tagging the photos of the themes.

So, instead of spending hours on Facebook, playing online games, I now spend hours checking out the photos news feed of people whom I followed and occasionally check out interesting featured photos, look at how others snapped their photos, their perspective of taking similar objects.  This has indeed helped me to improve on my photographer skills. 

Recently, one of my picture got featured on IGSG and published during evening time. Within 20mins, it generates 1246likes which seems mission impossible for myself as my friend list is like approx 30+ people and I'm in no way a celebrity or having huge follower list to gain so many likes on 1 photo.  However, with this feature, I gain a few new followers.  However, never did I expect the photo only gets to feature for 1 day only, else, I would have snap-shot again just before end of the day.  I vaguely recalled just before I slept, there was already 2400+ likes? So Sad...  This would have been a memorable feat for me.

This photo is originally named "Colorful Nation" by me, but for some reason, when it got featured, the caption was "Housing Development Board, Singapore".  Some friends suggested that it may be that the word "Colorful" is too senstive word to use as it may sound racist to some.  In no way, I meant that, all I know, when I snapped the photos, it's the colors of the flats and clothings that caught my attention.  First thing to cross my mind is Singapore, being a multi-racial contry (residents of various color skin tones) is a vibrant country (colorful flats, colorful clothings), which is the reason I named this photo as Colorful Nation.

So what do you think of this photo and captions?  Feel Free to suggest better / more appropriate caption for the photo, All C&Cs are welcomed.

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