Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Bye "Sadako"...

Finally, I managed to find some time to ditch "Sadako"!  So now are you wondering what am I talking exactly?  Let the picture tells the story, muahaha....

This is the "Sadako" that I'm referring to!  It has been with me for quite a while, for almost near 1 year...  Have been trying hard to ditch her but just couldnt find the time, or rather, I did not try hard enough? :P

I'm really getting sick of her... and finally I decided it's high time, by hook or by crook, I shall ditch her! 

I had a hard time thinking where to ditch her?  With sister's recommendation and after doing some online research, I decided that I shall settle at Act Point Salon.  Based on the reviews, I decided to seek Sophie Goh's help to make it a success.  It's a painful 5hrs of process...

Snipping off 5-6inches hair --> Hair Wash --> Blow dry --> Apply Rebonding cream--> Hair Wash --> Hair conditioning --> Hair Treatment --> Hair Wash--> Blow dry --> Final Hair Cut --> Styling --> Apply Serum

Sophie is a rather detailed person, she will share with me the different type of rebonding cream for the various hair texture and what is the combination of the rebonding cream that will be used.  However, she is very popular and there are many customer that goes for her in particular, eventually, she need to split herself to various customers and most of the time, it is the stylist assistant that help with my rebonding, etc.  But she did the final touch up though... But I certainly do hope that she spend more time on my hair since this is my first visit to her. 

In case you are interested to look for Sophie, she is the Salon manager, so her price will be higher than normal hairstylist or Senior hairstylist.  And she is not attached to any particular outlet, but rather she moves around the 3 outlets, namely in Beach Road Shaw Tower, Orchard International Building, Dhoby Ghaut Singapore Shopping Center.  One thing good about the Act Point Salon, they are flexible enough to allow me booking when Sophie is supposed to be in another outlet on my intended appointed date. 

The telephone no. for the various outlet as below:
Beach Road Shaw Tower (62985681)
Orchard International Building (67342898)
Dhoby Ghaut Singapore Shopping Center (63373822)
They have a facebook page too!

Finally!!!  Sadoko has bid farewell and a brand new me!  As my hair is rather stubborn and tends to curl fast once baby hair grow, I wonder how long will this rebonding last.  Based on past experience, usually not more than 5 months.  Yes, baby hair, you did not hear me wrong!!!  Though I've passed the youth stage, I'm still having baby hair and pimples, lol... 

It's ok, I never really bother to hide my age.  Ageing is just a process that everyone goes through, we just need to know how to embrace it gracefully!

Have a great week out there! Sending my regards from Penang...


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