Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Missing in Action?

Regular visitors have noticed that there have a slack in my blog posts and some have wonder what had happened?

All is well now, and thanks for your concern.  Even since Paternal Grandma has passed on in May, I have been busy juggling with work and other issues in life, and travelling to & fro Singapore/Sungai Buloh for the various anniversary days to offer praying to her.  And not forgetting the usual weekly routine to JB for work, as well as trips to Penang / Shanghai during the interim for work purposes.

The past 2-3 months were the darkest moment for the year, I have gone through the lost of my loved ones, and a lot of other hiccups in life which I have no wish to talk much about them.  Life is simply full of Ups & Downs, we just have to learn to move on instead of harping on the downs, else, life will continue to be gloomy... Well, words are always easier said than done, it definitely took me a while to walk out of darkness and now I'm all ready for what's ahead for me...

Do expect overloaded posts on my recent crafting and photography works!


  1. So sorry to hear about the difficult time and sadness you have been going through... :( I'm glad that you are choosing to focus on moving on and hope that you will find peace.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Sharon, yup, I'll be strong... :)