Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Thoughts

Came across the below phrase from Notebook of Love's twitter account, @Notebook.

Sometimes people say or do things to try & bring you down, but all it really does is make you more determined than ever. If they only knew...

At times, in life, it is unavoidable that you came across people who can't see eye to eye with you, or even jealous over your success, be it how minute it is.  They will simply say or do thing, just to bring your down.  Yes, I do encounter such people and get real affected by these people.... 

In the past, I would have dwell on it and be in a bad mood over a very long period.  For now, I still get affected, but I try to recover myself, holding myself firm to the ground!  The more you wanted to bring me down, the more determined I am! 

I have no wish to rebut you, whatever you believe in, is deeply rooted and impossible to change your thinking overnight just by saying a few words.  My way of retaliating will be, using action to prove you wrong!  You can speak anyhow behind my back, but time and truth will speak for itself!

I start to believe in, by reading more positive thinking books, does help me in controlling my EQ (Emotional Quotient) better and helps me to sustain myself in facing such obstacles in life.  And I'm glad to pick up reading again!

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