Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good Bye East Coast Park McDonald’s!

After 30 years of operation at East Coast Park, McDonald’s™ East Coast Park will be ceasing business on 18 March 2012.  They will giving a free Blueberry Melts with every Extra Value Meal™, only at McDonald’s™ East Coast Park. From 12-18 March, after breakfast hours.
It is sort of sad to learn the closure of ECP McDonald's as this is the place that during our younger days, we love to hang out at, especially when we are having BBQ in the East Coast Park.  There are so many fond memories at McDonald’s™ East Coast Park.  We eat, chatter, joke and have fun...  Those were the days...

For those who love to reminisce about their sweet old memories at ECP McDonald's, there will be a fun walk from East Coast Park McDonalds' to East Coast Seafood Centre + Closure Event on 18Mar 2012, 7:00am -10:00am.  For more details, pls check out their Facebook Event Page.

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