Sunday, March 4, 2012

Channel U 2012 Blockbuster -- Show Hand《注定》

Am lucky to have won the passes to Channel U 2012 blockbuster Show Hand Private Party @ 4 Seasons Hotel on 24 Feb 2012.

Finger food available for the attendees are yummy, I love the mini fruit tart best!  Guilty but nevertheless, unresistable!
派对开始前还有美味小吃,最喜爱的就是那迷你水果挞! 吃了难免感到罪恶感,却难以抗拒!

Ivy Tan of Y.E.S. 93.3FM was MC for the night.
当晚的司仪 -- 933醉心频道的DJ,陈艾薇。

Special preview of episodes from "Show Hand" drama serial.

Stars for the night - Kimberly Chia, Ann Kok, Christopher Lee, Cynthia Koh & Ian Fang. It's a pity that Chew Chor Meng did not attend the private party.
星光熠熠的夜晚 - 剧中主要演员,谢静仪,郭淑贤,李铭顺,许美珍及方伟杰。可惜周初明没有出席。

It was a great night with games and Q&A session with the stars.

So, what's the drama serial about?  From the poster, one may have guessed, the show is about gambling?  But is this what the entire drama serial about?  Of course not!  There's a lot more to it.  Can't wait to watch the drama serial?  Stay tune to Channel U on 5th Mar 2012 10pm!

Oh yes, the theme song sang by Kelvin Tan! A very nice song with great meanings in the lyrics!
对了,怎能忘了一提《注定》的主题曲 -  “分岔口”,是由久违的陈伟联所演唱的! 喜欢这首歌的旋律,也很喜欢它的词,觉得很有意思 -- 勇敢抵抗命中所注定。

To view more photos of the Show Hand Private Party, click here.
Wanted to be posted of Show Hand updates?  Like the Show Hand《注定》fan page.
想要追踪更多有关《注定》的消息,那就请按“喜爱”Show Hand《注定》粉丝页

人生犹如一场赌注,输赢是否天注定,不置可否;不妨孤注一掷,来个ShowHand! 人定胜天!

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