Exclusive Viewing and Review of We Not Naughty 《孩子不坏》

I'm very lucky to have won a pair of tickets to the exclsuive viewing of We Not naughty by retweeting Churp Churp's tweet. So together with Miss New, we went for the show. At the Cinema, we get to see the director, Jack Neo(梁智强), together with the main cast - Roy Lee(黎沸挥), Joshua Ang (洪賜健)and Shawn Lee (李创锐)in person.

It was a pleasant surrprise to have like Daniel Chan (陈晓东), Yan Liming (颜黎明)and Eric Moo (巫启贤)made their apprearance to the movie. The movie is full of humour which makes us explodes to laughter many times. It is unimaginable that my idol, Roy Lee (黎沸挥), can actually be such a funny "Beng", lol...

I find some parts of the movie being innovative and creative when Joshua Ang(洪賜健)and Shawn Lee (李创锐)invented the devices for the "ah Longs" (loan sharks), while I think the device is innovative and creative, I wouldn't wished for these devices to be mass produced else, it will be problematic instead.

Yet, the show are fill with touching moments which have actually moved me to tears, esp during the moment Xiang Yun (向云)bear with all the heartache to shave for her daughter, Cherry Hsiao(夏如芝); and when Yan Liming (颜黎明) went all the way out just to protect the kids from the "Ah Longs" (loan sharks).

I also noticed the potential of the little boy, Ivan Lo(卢楷浚), who acted as Xiang Yun's (向云)youngest son.  He really does have a flair in acting and I do look forward to more of his appearance on TV/Movie.

I would recommend the movie to all, esp to those who are big fans of I Not Stupid 1 and 2, as well as Home Run.


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