Sunday, December 4, 2011

McDonald's Curry Sauce for you?

Are you aware that the McDonald's curry sauce in Singapore has been changed not only in the packaging, but also on the ingredients? They have not remove allergens, in this case peanuts, from the production process. Commonly heard feedback from McDonald's Singapore Facebook Page is that taste is no longer the same and it seems to be more watery and dilute than before.

I can't comment much on this since it really depends on individual taste bud and moreover, I have yet tried it out. I would think removing the allergens from the curry sauce would be a nice gesture for those people who suffer from peanut allergy. However, since many feedback that they prefer the old curry sauce, would McDonald's consider bring the old curry sauce with peauts and offer both types instead as suggested by some curry sauce fans?

But there are people who are trying their luck to take chance to earn big bucks from this change. Someone is trying her luck to sell a going to expire soon McDonald's old curry sauce with peanuts in ebay with a starting bid price of S$250.00? But who in the hell with correct state of mind will bid for this? And of coz the ebay deal closed without any bidding, lol...

P/S: Picture extracted from McDonald's Singapore Facebook Page and eBay.

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