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A friend share the above chinese quote by famous Educator, Zhou Hong, on her Facebook wall but there are people who have difficulty to understand what it means, so I do my best to translate it to English and hereby share with all as I find it rather meangingful:

There isn’t any crop that can’t be harvest, only farmers who do not know how to plant their crops;
There’s no kids who can’t be teach, only parents who do not know how to teach.

How the farmers treat their crops, shall decide the fate of the crops;
How the parents treat their children, shall decide the destiny of their children.

How the farmers wished for the crops to grow quickly, is exactly how the parents wished for their kids to be successful, however, the approaches are totally different.

When the crops do not grow well, farmer has never complained, but try to find out what went wrong with their cropping method;
However, when the children do not fare well in their studies, parents tends to complain & pin-pointing, yet never bother to reflect on themselves.

Parents should have a change in their parenting methods; fear not that the kids lose out at the starting point, only then the kids will win at the finishing line!


Disclaimer: Pls pardon me for my poor translation, this simple translation is for the benefit of visitors who have difficulty in reading & understanding my chinese blog post.

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