Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So What's I busy with recently?

Life has been extremely hectic for the past few months, even till now. I have blogged much lesser but this does not mean I have having less fun...

So what's have I been busy with recently other than my work?

No, I have not been neglecting my photography hobby, but I simply tied up to do up my photos to post in FB to share with all... At times, I just feel like doing nothing... R&R at home...

I attended a couple of concerts this year of which I truly enjoy and upcoming will be Kit Chan's concert! Woo Hoo! Will be sharing some of the photos in upcoming posts, now working very hard to sort out the photos!

I've also joined in the fun of Canon Photomarathon 2011. Though I had not won anything, but it was a great day out meeting up with some of the photography Khakis and making new friends! One of the fellow photography khaki even taught me some new photography tricks, or rather tips!

I attended a Forex Trading Educationa​l Session with GK Goh Finances by courtesy of Nuffnang, which is extra knowledge which I would love to know more in depth. Who know's this may be the path to lead me out of the rat race?

I also had so much fun @ the 1st SMRT Circle Line Makan Session @ CC3Esplanade Xchange (Esplanade Circle Line MRT Station) with Esther Xie.

Attended the private screening of Mural 《画壁》 before it's official box office release on coming 13 Oct 2011 by courtesy of Nuffnang. (P/S: Poster Pic extracted from Mural FB Fan page)

And I just attended a pastry workshop last weekend, conducted by Chef Alroy of JAM which is organized by Channel U at Tott Store(P/S: Poster Pic extracted from Channel U FB Fan page)

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  1. Looks like you had a terrific week my friend!

    I hope there is plenty of sunshine heading your way!
    Have a lovely rest of this week and wonderful upcoming weekend.