Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Contradicting Parents!

Chance upon this quote when friends are sharing on Facebook. The above image originates from asdfghjkllove and she is kind enough to allow feel free to reblog all the posts and images that one like. Thanks, Jill Fernandez!

I find the quote so true. Basically I encounter all the above scenarios which explains the reason why I can't help laughing out loud. So do you find anything familiar? Lol...

It's late and time for me to get some sleep as tomorrow gonna be a busy day. Nitez to all!

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  1. Hi CK - I just found your blog! Looks good! Thanks so much for your message on my blog - appreciate you dropping by. :) I will be listing the pouches on my blogstore soon, but you can always let me know which are the ones you want and I'll set them aside for you ok? Thanks so much!
    elaine t