Sunday, September 4, 2011

Notikum - The best way to maximize your credit card deals!


How many credit cards do you own? Do you know that Singaporeans own an average of 6-7 credit cards? However, most of us will bring along the 2-3 cards that we use most often.

Do you ever get freak out by the fact that you missed a good deal as you have left a particular credit card at home?

Freak no more, as Notikum will come to your saviour. No more trawling through the loads of deals and offers found on websites, brochures, newspapers or other medium of communication. Now you can choose the best deals that the credit cards you had with you at the very moment! No more Tikum needed!

So what exactly Notikum is about? It is a consumer oriented service that is available both as a website as well as iPhone and Android app that will direct you to offers and deals that are most relevant to you, based on your search query, current location and according to the credit cards that you hold.

Search by keyword and you get to see the results, if you were to sign up as member, you will be able to see all the deals available.

Hoping to streamline your search? No problem, just add in the credit card bank and even your location.

Click on the map icon and you can get to see the deals available by nearby location. You can have more details of the location by zooming into the map anc check out the deals by clicking on the icon.

When you sign up as member with credit card profile added, you get to see all the deals that are available to your credit cards. This will save the hassle to filter through the info available to all credit cards. Worried that your info being sell off? Notikum will never divulge any information to any third party unless agreed by you. Moreover, for the credit card profile, you only set up the type of credit cards you have, there's no need to provide any credit card details.

Start with Notikum to make your life easier -- save the hassle to bring the whole load of credit cards with you, but to find the deals that you can utilize with the credit cards you had with you!

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