Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Monday again!

It's Monday again... How's your day? Are you affected by the rainy storm early this morning and feeling gloomy?

OK, maybe below can help to perks you up in a bad mood day and drive your Monday blues away?

I got this "Happy Moods" teabag as a free sample. Just the packaging makes you feel slightly happier right?

The teabag contains of much citrus flavors that can help to perks one up - Lemongreaa, Apple, Green Tea, Orange Peels, Marigold Flowers Ginger, Coiander, Cardamom & Cinnamon. It sure contains a lots of ingredient. But I smell and taste the stronger of the Orange Peels...

Actually, I don't think I ever seen this brand - Teekanne, in the market before. But surprisingly, It has been around since 1882, probably only available in Singapore recent years only. It has been around the market for 129years old, WOW! This certainly means something...

I still have another pack of sample teabag of Peppermint flavor, which is one of my favorite flavor! I'm gonna do a comparison with my Dilamah Peppermint tea. I've tried a nos. of peppermint tea before but still I like Dilamah best, we shall see if Teekanne will change my opinion :P

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  1. Go try Ronnefeldt if you have the chance, since 1823. Nice. Tried sky lemon favour when having training in trader hotel. But Hard to find in SG and .... very expensive!!!