Monday, June 20, 2011


Soon, KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station will become history...

Was going through with my parents the photos that I had recently taken at the KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, all the fond memories simply flow in...

During the 80s, there is no seats assignment for the train.  Basically seats are on first come first served basis and each time, boarding the train can be real chaotic. Dad shared that most times he just "threw" the infant me through the window for mom to catch me and find the seats while he managed his way through with all the luggage.  During those days, there were no air-con on the train, people are almost standing back to back and perspire like no body's business.  With the bad air-ventilation, can you imagine the hell out of it? As days goes by, we can afford for air-conditioned cabin, however, during our unlucky days where the air-con broke down, I felt much suffocated, almost like dying!

I remember during those day, my siblings and I most often love to stay by the window to look at the beautiful scenery out there.  Often, we get excited upon seeing the goats and cows.  And whenever we see them "fertilizing" the land, we just can't help laughing non stop.

However, ever since dad own a car, the train is no longer our mode of transport back to our hometown, but became part of our memories instead...

以上仅是我对丹戎巴葛火车站的回忆录,若想阅读更多作品,请查阅由义安理工学院的学弟学妹所成立的Project 79, 他们希望透过轻松有趣,却情感丰富的文字片段,启发公众亲身到火车站体验一次,并学会欣赏它特有的建筑风格。。。
The above is just a record of my memories of the KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, if you are keen to hear more stories, do check out Project 79 by my fellow juniors of Ngee Ann Polytechnic

If you love to take a look of more photos taken by me of the KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, feel free to visit below: 
A Visit to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station - 09/18/10
Revisit to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station - 06/11/11

Disclaimer: The above English translation is for the benefits for readers who have difficulty understanding the Chinese Version. Where there is any difference between the English translated version and the original Chinese version, the original Chinese version shall takes precedence.

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