Saturday, May 7, 2011

Predictions for the GE - Tampines Constituency

Before the results are out, let me make the most daring prediction for the Tampines Constituency. Although the old horse may have upset many citizens with the high cost of living - housing, ERP, etc... which may have driven some votes to the opposition, I believe the young horse who lately join in will to help win back some votes. He has the charisma and in good books with the younger generation. Some had even openly posted to the young horse's FB wall, that with his joining in, this has twisted his decision on the GE voting.

Many people has shouted loud in new media to topple against the old horse, however, reviewing the strength of the 2 political teams, I believe that the white rice will still win over the pink lemondae. Frankly speaking, I do not know much about the opposition members who are contesting and had no idea what they have been doing or contributed all this while; however, anyone who lived here, can see the development and growth of the Tampines town under the current constituency.

For those who votes with rationale, will not vote for oppostion for the sake to oppose, or just to pull the old horse down. Thus, I belive, eventually, the winning votes will still go to PAP.

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