Sunday, March 20, 2011

Catch Up for "Secrets for Sale"

Friend was telling me that he missed one of the episode of "Secrets for Sale" and wonder if he can actually view this on line. Of course you can! All you need to do so is go to Xin MSN catch up, and you will get to watch the episode that you missed to view! The only that you need to take note of, is that the catch up episode will not be available until next day. Meaning, if you missed tonight's episode, you get to catch up on tomorrow only.

This show is really interesting, and my friend who seldom watch TV also got hooked on it. And he was wondering how I get so many first hand news of the show. The answer is simple, just like the "Secrets for Sale" Facebook Page and you get to know the first hand news.

Dear all, enjoy the show and watch out for the spin off that is available exclusively in Xin MSN only!

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