Monday, January 24, 2011

Lunch at Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant

Brought Mom to Imperial Treasure Restaurant some time back for a late lunch. We had a sumptuous meal and enjoyed it...

Their signature Fried Rice with Scallops, taste great but we have tasted better ones which offer better mix of seafood ingredients, and we find this a bit too oily as well...

This is super yummy, I think it taste better than those Chinese Restaurants that are on same par, they are simply generous with the portion of the various eggs which made theirs stand out!!!

Oops! Does this looks a plate of worms? Looks rather scary right? Its taste is actually not that bad, but I guess we should eat it while it's hot, so as to be able to get a fairer review of its taste.

Fried Silver Fish, the flavor is a bit too bland -- less tasty, but healthier :P

Loving this signature custard bun from the Imperial Treasure Restaurant. See the oozing custard? Are you starting to drool? In the bun, I tasted salty egg yolk too, something different from the normal custard bun we had from elsewhere. 5 Stars awarded!!!  After that, I realised that this is actually salted egg yolk custard bun which is commonly known as lau sa pau, which is slightly different from the usual custard cream bun.

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  1. wah good food lei... salted egg custard.. looks yummy