Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Water Droplets Photography

Had so much fun on the water droplet photography, all thanks to Shifu, Francis Lee, for organizing the workshop. It is so amazing that lights can actually freeze the moment that we can take a clear pic of dripping water...

Here's some photos to share with all... It's probably bad shots in the eyes of the professionals, but to me, it's a feat! As I'm a newbie in handling DSLR though I've been taking lots of photographs in the past with my powershot camera and Sony Ericisson Cybershot series HP... The credit, needless to say, all goes to Shifu who patiently aparts his skills... and my dear Pal, Jenn, who selflessly loan her DSLR to me before I got mine :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy or Sad?

Should I be happy or sad?

I probably should be happy since it's finally here... but I probably be sad since it isn't any fantastic as looking forward to? But deep in my heart, I actually know that I shouldn't expect for much more...

I know I can have the choice to be happy or sad. Be it happy or sad, I called for the day!

I know I should feel greatful that it at least it came and better than last round; although it isn't in any way, comparative to the efforts put in. Sleepless nights over the presentations and other assigned projects by the management; staying up through the nights to follow up with overseas counterparts on important emails be it for myself or for my juniors, etc...

I try to be contended, but I simply wish for more... coz I wish to provide better for my family, and to remove the strains that have been bothering us for quite some time.

I hope to get out of the burden and lived for myself, but I know I simply can't just act as what I want/like coz they are my beloved ones.

I guess, this is probably part of human nature -- always contradicting and asking for more...

But I know, one day, I will live for myself, and love myself more... And I hope this day will come really soon with some proper planning and backup plans.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


渴望能够达到这种 -- 拿得起,放得下精神与境界。然而,这谈何容易?

Monday, August 2, 2010