Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Water Droplets Photography

Had so much fun on the water droplet photography, all thanks to Shifu, Francis Lee, for organizing the workshop. It is so amazing that lights can actually freeze the moment that we can take a clear pic of dripping water...

Here's some photos to share with all... It's probably bad shots in the eyes of the professionals, but to me, it's a feat! As I'm a newbie in handling DSLR though I've been taking lots of photographs in the past with my powershot camera and Sony Ericisson Cybershot series HP... The credit, needless to say, all goes to Shifu who patiently aparts his skills... and my dear Pal, Jenn, who selflessly loan her DSLR to me before I got mine :)


  1. Hi Sandy, thanks for your kind comments, I'm still in learning stage but really enjoyed this workshop very much!

  2. great job.. hope someday i can have ur skill

  3. Great shots... :) Hopefully one day i can be as good as u..

  4. Really nice photos. Keep up the good work. Jia You \(@@)/