Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Customer Service @ Bread Society Sucks!

Today I bought a pc of D-Cro AuxAmande from Bread Society and had a real bad experience with teh counter staff/sales assistance. Although I just bought a pc of bread only and do not constitue much to your today sales, it doesn't mean that you have the right to place the bread in the plastic bag and place it on the tray, and turn your back to me. It does not give you the excuse to forget what customer service is! Previously I also bought $20 worth of bread from your store!!!

This is extremely rude of you gals! And your service truly sucks! And I just came to realised Bread Society is under Breadtalk! What bad image these staff are presenting to the customers?

If the management of Bread Society / Breadtalk ever see this post, I welcome you to contact me, if needed, I still have the receipt with me -- Check# 4239!

Customer Service in Singapore has a long way to go, why hasn't it improve and progress as much as HK does??? In the past, it is well known the HK Sales assistance are extremely rude and I truly experience that 12years ago, but now their customere service has improved so much and shockingly, much better than that of those in Singapore?

When can Singapore Customer Service ever compete with that of Japan? I'm not sure if I live long enough to see.

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