Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi, I'm actually back from my USA trip! In fact, I'm back for 2 weeks and haven't got the chance to blog, so sorry...

I'm having terrible jet lag during my stay in LA and stressful with my coming presentation, so I ended up slept at 3am+ or 5am+ in the morning and woke up only 9am+. With the travelling and not proper planning done, the LA trip is a real terrible one which I do not get to enjoy to the fullest. But still I enjoy my stay, what else can I ask for since I only paid for the hotel stay for both Sis & me to go to LA. (I downgraded my biz class ticket to to get 2 economy tickets in exchange). All in all, we only pay S$1000 for a week's stay in LA, apart from our own expenses, which is a real bargain.

Coming back from Louisville is another round of pain & stress, as I've failed the mission. So many follow up need to be done during this period, my cousin and wife to be, came to Singapore and also several community projects to be involved.

I've fallen sick since last week. What a terrible way to "celebrate" my birthday, but I'm really grateful to have bunches of great friends to SMS or drop a birthday greeting in my FB's wall.

Thanks, and I love you all! And I'm terribly sorry that my HP get spoilt during my trip in LA and so now my SIM cards have records of limited nos. so when you guys sent in SMSes, I gotta check who's that? It's not that I've forgotten you guys but, really, even if we seldom contact, you still have a place in my heart.

And once again, thanks everyone who sent in their well wishes...

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  1. glad you're back safe and well :)
    hope to catch up one of these days.