Monday, June 28, 2010

Bowling Competition???

Never did I expect to participate in a Bowling Competition. The total nos. of times I enter to a Bowling Centre is less than 10 for sure, probably 5 or 6 times only.

Why will someone like me be enrolling to a bowling competition? Haha, I was actually "arrowed" to represent the WEC to participate the fun bowl competition at Kallang Leisure on yesterday. But this is really a great experience.

It was stressful for me as I hardly bowl and I use to wash down the drain. Especially for the 1st game, I score only 74 points which is way behind by the other gamers. I'm the lousiest player among all which puts me ashame, even the seniors are playing way better than me. I almost wanted to hide myself like an ostritch.

However, the nice part is, getting to make some new friends - Angela and Alice from Mounbatten WEC. Nick who travel all the way from Bukit Merah. And not forgetting Ryan, Jason & Steven. I'm not sure if I can still recall them few months down the road due to my poor memory. But I'm sure it's great to have these passerbys in my life.

Not only did they never boo at me, but they encourage and cheer for me when I hit strike /spare by chance, and moan when I nearly hit the pins to get a spare, but somehow missed them. The 4 guys who are really great players, always cheers for the few of us ladies; even their partners (Nick's & Ryan's) do so, which really lifted up my spirits. Thanks to these kind souls!

As we played the games, I started to improved along the way and finally managed to a score of 100+ in a game which eventually did not placed me to the worst scorer in the compeition :P (Which I have been secretly praying hard that I'm not the worst scorer.)

But the experience in Kallang Leisure Bowl is not too pleasant as we have been having problems with their Bowl Alley and the 4 teams of us need to switch the lanes again & again. Eventully, the rest of the teams have finished their games but needed to wait for us for near to an hour to complete the last 1.5games.

Nevertheless, this is a fun experience that I do not hate being "arrowed" for once! :P

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  1. glad you had fun!
    now my turn to "arrow" you to use your stash!!! what happened to all those stash you got from the shopping sprees we've been to? ;) hehe...

    anyway, hope you're doing fine and do drop into Groovie Cafe when you free :)