Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saying Hi from Los Angeles...

Despite that I'll be going for my personal tour with sis, before proceeding to Louisville for meeting & training. I just don't have the mood... I'm having a tough time adjusting to the time difference now is approx 11.12pm at L.A. and I feel so sleepy now when my usual sleeping time is in the wee hours of 1am or later..., yet I can't get to sleep...

I simply can't help but worry about my coming presentation and work etc.. We also did not have sufficient time to do a proper planning on the trip...

Anyway, I'm so glad to have met Kristy of Far Flung Crafts on the same plane... We din had much conversation exchange though, coz we are all trying to catch some rest... But somehow I did not managed to rest enough as after transit in Narita, the passengers changed to a family of 3, with a little spoilt brat, making lots of noises, and moving his hands and legs and hitting me ocassionally...

Now sister is sleeping soundly, I feel so tired but somehow just can't sleep. Will try to get some sleep else this will be a wasted trip as I don't get to enjoy the fullest!


  1. take care, try to rest as much..
    dont think so much..yr presentation will be a success!

  2. CK, hope you'll get rested well soon and try and Enjoy the trip despite having to work yeah :)

    Take care!

  3. Jia you jia you! Remember to eat more, drink more water and sleep more!!!!! Dun miss me hor

  4. Hi CK!

    I saw yr link from Aida's blog comment - recall i gave you my number but didn't take yours.

    There's a crop this Sat? What time is it? Would love to attend if I can make it.

    Let me know! :)


  5. Saw yr note thanks! My sat schedule not confirmed but really hope I can make it. :)