Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Labor day & National Scrapbooking Day!

Hi All, Time flies real fast, it's the 1st day of May and 1st Saturday of May, Happy Labor day & National Scrapbooking Day! Before I know it, we are almost coming to mid of the year...Hope you guys out there had a great time?

I had a great time meeting up my drearest Ong Susu on yesterday. It's great to know that there will always be someone there for you, willing to share a listening ear, listening to your trouble, or even nonsense at times.... Giving you some advice, a pat on the shoulder & all the empathy you needed. We have known each other for more then 20 years, though we hardly meet up and hardly catch up with each other ( we meet less than 3x a year on the average), yet our friendship is always there! When we meet up, we have no qualms in opening up our hearts, sharing the deepest secret!

And today, Cary, my JB counterpart came over to Singapore and meet up with my boss & me for lunch. She has yearn for MOS burger and cross the border just for this! We treated her, her BF & fren Mos Burger, Lee Wee Bro Otah, Tori Q Yakitori and 1A curry puff. Hope these stuff are not too heaty for them...

And best of all, I managed to sqeeze time to go over to Regine Groove to meet up with the Groovie Gals of Groovie Java Scraps Cafe, it is the 3rd anniversary!!! Ooh hoo, Congrats!!! Sorry that I'm late and did not get to meet up with you June, I certainly hope that we will get to meet up soon!

And thanks Regina for the RAK of chipboard scallop album & for lending some of the hÄnglar & stÄnglar stamps , Magnolia Stamps & Donna Downey stamps, etc... I had much fun stamping these images (I stamped 3 cardstock sheets full of images!). I'm inspired to make some cards... Oh yes, talking about hÄnglar & stÄnglar stamps, these are the stamps that I have been eyeing for the longest but never get a chance to lay hands on these as these are hand made rubber stamps that are limited to selling to Sweden & Norway only. And I was so glad to get a chance to lay my hands on these for today! Once again, thanks Regina!

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  1. so old already har...:P Oops!...Thought last week we just celebrated our 18 years old birthday :p

    ps:Take good care of yourself when gg oversea.

    "O"ld SS