Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Out of Town 27/Jan - 29/Jan

Will be out of town to JB plant for work during the above period due to change of job role. Is it a good news or bad news? Can it be considered as a blessing in disguise? Not sure... anyway, just try my best, coz never know if never try... Wish me luck...

I'm way lag behind for my blog... I've got so much to share... Will try to post some updates of the past weeks / months when I'm back from Malaysia... Meanwhile, take care my dear frens...


  1. Hi Chok Kuen,
    The SB store is in "Central" - the largest shopping mall. If you take BTS, Chit Lom is the nearest station. :)

  2. Take care hor...How is ur throat? See doctor already?Anything pls update me.



  3. Hey CK, I hope you are feeling better. And hey, here's wishing you new blessings and renewed hope and energy as you experience new changes.

  4. Do take care, my dear friend.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your encouragement words to me.

    Wish you Happy Chinese New Year.

  5. hi CK

    hope you're doing fine. miss you!
    hope to see you @ Groovie Cafe ;)