Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Love Pokka Ume Green Tea

Have you tried this new flavor - Ume Green Tea from Pokka? I fall in love with it the moment I had my 1st sip, it tasted so nice that I'm almost unwilling to share since I've got only 1 pack from a goodie bag, muahaha... The Ume Green Tea is supposed to be a delicate blend of freshly brewed premium green tea and tangy Ume juice (Japanese Plum), with no coloring & preservatives. I love it for its refreshing taste and yet not too sweet. In fact, it has thirst quenching properties which is added bonus. It is now definitely on my favourite drink list! Do try out the drink and let me know your thoughts!

P/S: I don't get advertising fee for this publicity for the drink *winkz*


  1. It looks nice. Maybe I shall try that tomorrow! ^^

  2. Hihi... CK.. I only see your blog at Aida's today.. didnt know you have 1, I try start following now.. hehe :D

  3. Hmmm
    Now I wanna try!
    BTW, you can scraplift if you want! Don't mind. Just link back, ya? Thanks! BTW, do let me know your address / how you want to pick up your RAK!