Thursday, August 6, 2009

I feel so sickening!

I feel so sickening when I rec'd her SMS this morning that she'll be on M.C. for another day, giving all sorts of excuses that her immune system is down and affecting her menstruation cycle, etc... I can't even bother to send her a SMS to ask her "take care"...

Even though it's for real, I would have think that all these are just bullshit coz coincidentally 2 days before she goes on M.C., she was telling me she very much wanted take a long leave, but knowing the fact that we are again, short handed, it will not be possible and that she is very disheartening. And immediately, the next day, she goes on M.C., and today, she extends for another day, if she need to further extend another day, I wouldn't be surprise at all as Monday will be a public holiday replacement, meaning, she gets a straight 6 days off, a long break indeed!
I really do not like her working attitude, despite the fact that we all feel short chained by the company, I still feel that it is incorrect to keep on claiming M.C. so that she can officially take leave... OK, I gotta admit I not Saint, occasionally I do have the thought flashed across coz I'm really worn out... So I'm fine if she do this once in a blue moon as I really can understand how each of us are worn out during this period of 8-9months, but she's doing it too often that I can't stand anymore!

Everyone's workload are just as heavy, when she goes on M.C., means the work load will be passed to us, leaving us with barely chance to breathe... I wonder she used up all the 14 days annual M.C. she's entitled? If not, why??? Coz she seems to go on M.C. at least 2-3 times a month!

Yes, I feel short chained not only by the company, but by her too! Despite the fact that she has the intention to leave, and yet not 100% confirmed yet; with such working attitude, I guarantee she wont go far, be it she stay with the job, or she leave for a new one.

I rather be the one short chained by the company, then the one who short chained the company! Even though I have the intention to leave, I will still work through the very last moment. So that, if one day I were to leave, I can just walk out of the door, with no guilt. If the management choose to make untrue accusation of me, which they did to previous staff, people working around me will be able to tell which is true, and which is not!

But for her case, if eventually she decided to stay on, what will the management think of her? All these little stunts only portray her with poor working attitude. If she eventually leave, this leave chances for everybody else to bad mouth her, which, unknowingly, I'm already doing so prior to her "final decision"...

K, time to end my frustration and back to work...


  1. aww soree to hear about the "sick" story. but hey,TGIF!! Have a blessed weekend ;)-jaz

  2. yikes...

    anyway, glad to see you last Saturday :) hope to see you this weekend. please bring the dew drops, i still want them :D

    Take care CK!