Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great Sense of Fulfilment!

Am glad to able to help Jenn complete 100 cards by today for Church's fund raising for the autism kids! This is a combined effort by Jenn, Aida, Rachel, Yen & me.

Next activity on the list will be joining my dear Yanti in a food donation drive activities for unsubsidised Lee Ah Mooi Old Folks Home. If anyone of you is interested to help in anyway, pls feel free to drop me a message!

And yes, after much procasination, I finally posted some of my stash for sale in another blog, will be continue to raise fund and donate 10% of Aug - Sep sales proceeds to Charmine.

I've been an unofficial volunteer with various organisation through various friends' connection since my poly days, participating in various charity projects, e.g.
- Tele-match for the disabled;
- Newspaper / old clothing collection for Fund Raising;
- Old Folks' home / Children's home visits;
- Fund Raising for Community Chest / The Children's Society / Children's Cancer Foundation;
- Church Fund Raising for the Elderly;
- Event Volunteer with Mainly I Love Kids (MILK) / Volunteer Resources Network (VRN) Singapore Soka Association (SSA), Metta Welfare Association;
- Tsunami charity drive volunteer for Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (KMSPKS) / Singapore Soka Association (SSA);
- Charity Drive by Scrappin Kids Care
- Unofficial Event Volunteer with Tampines East YEC (prior to joining as observer) / Jurong Spring YEC;
- Observer With Tampines East YEC then and now with Simei Changi WEC;
- Fund Raising for Charmine, etc.

My greatest sense of fulfilment do not come from the long list of charity activities that can be added to my profile, but being able to help others... Though I do not commit as long term volunteer, I always give time for charity work if time permits and do my best to help within my means (I always join any ad hoc charity event / activities that has called for my help and if my schedule allows) . You see that despite I'm a Buddhism, or rather, a Taoism, I participate in charity drive with several other religious organisation... To me, there should not be any boundaries set due to religious belief, don't you think so?

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  1. CK, it's wonderful to have that sense of fulfilment especially after helping out someone or doing a charitable cause :)

    glad seeing you on Saturday and hope to see you again soon. your Hello Kitty is waiting for you :D