Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spam Chain SMS

Did you receive below SMS on today?

"Today is the day when Singtel, M1, Starhub celebrate the mark of Singaporeans sending a total of 60 billions local messages. Forward this msg to 10 person and you will have $49 of outgoing calls free!!! After so, you may check your phone bill to verify. :)"

Frankly speaking, would you believe in such an SMS? The chain sms starter is simply testing our intelligence! What's so great in about marking 60 billions local messages being sent?

If it says, to mark 44th birthday of Singapore, the telecom service providers are giving out 44mins outgoing calls free, one may still have a bit belief of in this, but giving out $49.00 worth of outgoing calls frees to all, this is simply impossible! And why $49 worth? Do you know how many mobile phone users are there in Singapore, and some own more than 1 line and these figures will translate to how much revenue being cut! The telecom service providers must be out of mind if this ever happen.

Come on, we are not 3 years old kid, I must be foolish if I were to believe in this spam chain SMS, ha!

I will believe in unless this has been published on newspaper and announced officially!


P/S: I've been receiving the same SMS since yesterday night... So friends who's taking luck to give it a try, do not send this SMS anymore. My friend who's working in Singtel has confirmed that the above is untrue, do not fall into the trap of those nuisance people who create this spam chain SMS. ;P
[updated 07/27 11:20a.m.)


  1. Heng ah.. u never send to me.. else i scold you Muahahha... I was laughing at people who send to me......

  2. nope...didn't get it. Thank Goodness!!! hehe...

  3. Thanks for the info! And thanks for dropping by my blog too. Hope you are hanging in there...tough times are not forever.

  4. CK, are you still selling any of those gorgeous butterflies? (Or any other stuff left over? I know of a fren who'd love it. Let me know can? Tkx!