Thursday, July 16, 2009

Extending my helping hand...

While I'm preparing my scrapbook/handicraft stash for the garage sale on coming Sat at Our Craft Place (12pm - 4pm), it suddenly cross my mind -- While I trying to clear my stash to get back a bit of cash, why not do a bit to extend my helping hand?

Most of you may be aware that little Charmine has managed to raise the fund for her treatment in US, however, she will need a bit more for her follow up treatment. So I decided to do my bit to help raise the fund... I'll be contributing 30% of the proceeds of the garage sale on this coming Sat and will be rounding up the figure. I'm not sure how much I can raise since the stuff are selling at low price, but still, I believe every bit counts, do give me your support.

Some things that you can expect in my garage sale are as below, hope this is what you are looking for? Will be listing the items separately later...

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