Creative Escape 2009

Had so much fun at the Creative Escape with Kah-Mei Smith, Donna Downey & Tia Benett on 25 Apr 2009; learning and revising on skills & techniques.

Although unlike the kind angels who stood by our side as teacher assistants for almost whole of 12hrs, I suffered from body aches too... just don't understand why, is it a sign of aging for me?

Had great fun meeting old friends and making new friends...

Had such great excitement that Kah-Mei Smith still can recall my name due to previous Fontwerks warehouse sale kits ordering issue:P

Had so much worries & anxiety about losing and finding my pink autographed cutterpede!

Here are some sneak peeks of what we have learnt during the whole day class. Due to respect the teachers' copyright, will not be showing the full completed projects. In fact, I've yet completed all, will try to get them completed during this weekend though...

Kah-Mei Smith - The Beginnings (Stamping Technique Album)

Donna Downey - Swatches (Framed Canvas Project)

Tia Benett - Pieces of My Heart

Are you excited about the completed project? Did you regret not missing out the fun???


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