Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back from the Creative Escape!

Finally back from thje creative escape, this is really a fun and tiring day but I sure enjoyed my day! Had much fun learning new techniques from Kah-Mei Smith, Donna Downey & Tia Benett, and meeting some old and new faces! Coincidentally, met my ex-colleague, Geraldine! What a small world!

But what got me sad is when I was on my way, I realised that I have left my cutterpede on the OHP Projector and forgotten about it after helping MF to take her photo with Tia Benett. Though I've been utilising it for a couple of years and with the depreciation, I didn't lose much, but what makes it valueable is that it has got the signatures of the scrapbooking masters, and this is the very 1st proper paper trimmer which I've bought ever since I start scrapbooking, which has got such invaluable sentimental value!

I pray hard that it can be found... tonight gonna be a sad day for me which is a totally contrast from what I'm feeling during the day...

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