Monday, February 16, 2009

An Honourable mention in YSS Blog

Woo Hoo! I'm so excited to learn that my Valentine Mini Accordion Album has been featured in Your Scrapbook Stash's Blog. I've only get to realise about the challenge on 14th Feb late night but by the time I managed to access the gallery and upload the project, it is already 15th Feb morning which I thought I'm still in time due to the time difference with US, however the upload time show it has already passed the challenge closing date line. So I'm no expecting to get any prize but having a honourable mention is bringing me to cloud 9! This has been most enouraging and motivated me.

Mr. Robinhood actually requested it as a gift when I shared the news with him, haha... I think better not, else will cause misunderstanding to his gf, but I promised a card for him, till next time we had a gathering coz now I'm limping and travelling on a roller chair :P

Check out YSS blog and you may refer to simple tutorial steps here.

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  1. congrats CK for being featured!! :) glad you've received the RAK.. hope you like it!