Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life Sucks!

You must have wonder, what the hell am I still blogging at this hour? Well well, I'm super frustrated with my work, being arrowed to train new staff and no one to back up my work when I conduct training and all these happened just before Chinese New Year when customers are busy chasing for parts before we closed for the 2 miserable days for CNY so that their overseas can continue to run production without any impact.

All things come together and work started to pile up and making me feel suffocated! I worked from home until I'm so tired that I fallen asleep and shortly, I jumped up! Coz I really need to get my things done else the snowball effect will be so big that I may not be able to handle anymore!

This is the frustration of being a Customer Service (CS), especially in the electronic industry. Basically CS = Cio Sai! Don't you agree? (For those CS out there!) When the industry is blooming, we are busy pulling in the parts, busy whole day through and hardly have time for toilet visits. When the economy slows down, you think we should be much more relaxed since no more pull in from customers. NOT TRUE!!! We are even busier with the push out and cancellation requests from customers, and busy finding ways to retain the orders.

I tell myself, the next job I find, I definitely want to be out of the electronic industry as work load is always there and when economy crisis strikes, we are always the one who suffered first - Pay cut, Bonus cut, or even retrenchment!

Enough with my rattling & venting of frustration, need to go back to my work and back to hell again :(

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